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The Mirabel Centre is a Sexual Assault Referral Centre founded in 2013 to provide free counselling and medical support for victims of rape and sexual assault. To date, The Mirabel Centre has helped over 1,260 clients deal with their trauma and reintegrate to society. Shockingly, 1 out of 5 girls and 1 out of 10 boys in Nigeria will be a victim of sexual violence before the age of 18. 90 percent of The Mirabel Centre clients are minors abused by people known to them. We must say NO to this and do our part to help victims. Sadly, this worthwhile venture is threatened with closure as the contract with the British Council Department for International Development that founded The Centre to date comes to an end this December 2015 WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! TO KEEP THE CENTRE OPEN The centre was established and managed by Partnership for Justice (PJ) to provide holistic and high quality medical and psycho social services to survivors of sexual assault and rape. Men, women and children who have either recently or in the past experienced rape or sexual assault benefit from the free and comprehensive medical, counseling and aftercare services provided by the Mirabel Centre. These services are delivered to the clients in a professional and timely manner to help them overcome the trauma of rape and sexual assault FREE OF CHARGE. The Mirabel Centre is the first sexual assault referral centre in Nigeria and the second in West Africa. LOCATION The Mirabel Centre is located at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH, Ikeja, Lagos State. SERVICES OFFERED. Services offered at the Centre include • Medical examination and treatment by trained forensic examiners for illness and injuries caused by the assault. • Counselling (face to face and telephony) to help cope with emotional and psychological effects of rape • Help in reporting the matter to the police • Information on the legal system • Referral to other agencies for help not provided by the Centre • Free pregnancy tests and other tests associated with rape • Free medication, drugs and Lab test • Refund of clients’ transportation costs to the Centre in selected cases. • For some of the clients, there has been need for a change of clothing. •The Centre provides medical reports for clients on referral from the Police which aids in the investigation and subsequent prosecution of perpetrators Please support the Mirabel Centre and Say No To Rape by donating. Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja, Lagos Managed by Partnership for Justice Tel: 08094000028, 08155770000, 07013491769, 08187243468, 01-2957816,,