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Lagos, Nigeria

Hunger and Poverty

Funding Goal: ₦ 5,000,000

Amount Raised: ₦ 5,000

About this cause or project

Excel foundation is an initiative by a group of people who believe that the world would be a better place only if there is love, peace and harmony and extending helping hands to those in need. This is a Christmas carol fundraising concert for the opportune to help support the less privileged. It is intended to be a blend of classical-contemporary music, dance, drama and many more performances. The carol concert is to celebrate the season of Christmas and reach out to those who do not have the means to enjoy the season which brings light to the essence of Christmas which is GIVING. It also brings together people of like minds and vision together to listen to the beautiful blend of classical and contemporary music, and also to raise funds for the less privileged to enjoy the season too. GOALS FOR PROJECT Xp To increase productivity among the youths by discovering their area of expertise and providing them with necessary skills to help them achieve their potentials. To reach out to the aged, i.e. those above 60 years of age, and putting a smile on their already wrinkled faces. To meet the basic needs of the less privileged. And above all, reaching out to all with the message of Christmas, through giving.