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Lagos, Nigeria


Funding Goal: ₦ 18,000

Amount Raised: ₦ 200

About this cause or project

I am not joking. I need new glasses and I have used up all of my glasses-entitlement cards with my mummy. You see, adulting is very hard and I made a work trip to Abeokuta last weekend. Somewhere between Abeokuta and Lagos, sometime between 4pm and 8pm; my glasses disappeared. Whether it was at Olumo rock, or the restaurant I ate, or the cab I took - my glasses was not on my face anymore. So please, be so kind and donate to this cause. I promise to get ropes this time so they can always hang from my neck. Now, some of you may say - you earn a living, why cant you afford new glasses? Please, adulting is hard. I have my income for the next two months booked up already (I'm slowly buying all the photography equipment I need.) Some of you may also say, N18,000 is too much for a new pair of glasses? Actually, no. Prescription + frames + lens = not too expensive. Plus this platform takes about 7% for its processing fees. I can't work efficiently (I'm either looking through a lens or at a screen) and I can't keep up with my reading. I'm plagued with headaches too (thank you, astigmatism.) I hope I have been able to make you laugh and more importantly, convince you to give towards this noble course.